Psychic Readings

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between a Mini Mobile Reading and an Indepth Email Reading?

A Mini Mobile Reading is a shorter version of an In-depth reading. You are able to send me a quick question with the tap of a button through your iPhone or Android device. I will answer your question with a response to your inbox.

This option is great if you need a quick reply to a question or you'd just like to get a feel or tester of what a reading is like. This is like having your very own psychic in your pocket.

Are you tired of dealing with a large company with a different psychics answering your question each time? Well take advantage of this unique service. All readings are answered personally by me.

An In-depth Email Reading is for more involved questions that need more attention to detail. If you are in a love triangle or if you have more than one question then I recommend choosing an Email Reading. This allows me to go into more detail for you with my answer.

I will send your reading to your email address and you'll be given a secret link which never expires, just for you. You can choose a general tarot spread if you'd like to see what the cards have to say for you, or choose a 1-4 question reading for those specific and direct questions.

I've ordered a reading. Where is it?

I respond to all readings within 48 hours. If you still haven’t received it, please check your spam folder and check you’ve entered the correct email address when you ordered.

If you suspect you’ve entered the wrong email, please use the Contact Form so I can resend it.

I'm not in the UK, can I still order a reading?

Yes of course. All of my prices are listed in British Pounds, however PayPal will convert prices into your local currency on the payment screen before you confirm your order.

Alternatively you can use Google for currency conversion beforehand to get an idea of the prices in your own currency.

What services do you NOT offer?

I do not locate lost items, missing people, predict lottery numbers or read peoples minds. I am not a medium, therefore I do not talk to the dead.

I do not answer any legal, financial or health related questions, this includes pregnancy. Please speak to a professional on those topics.

I do not answer questions for clients under the age of 18.

How can I get the most out of my reading?

Make sure your question is as specific as possible and be clear/detailed about what issues you need guidance on. Please think carefully before submitting your questions to me, and make sure you have not asked me questions on legal, financial or health related questions (including pregnancy).

Once I've completed your reading, its in your hands and you can choose to do what you wish with the spiritual guidance provided.

Please respect that my readings are answered with honesty and the outcome may not always be what you want to hear. However it will be what you need to hear at this time.

What is your Disclaimer?

My readings are for guidance and entertainment purposes only. Your decision to act upon any advice given is your full responsibility and your own free will choice.

By ordering a reading with me, you acknowledge that I am not a lawyer, financial advisor, or doctor. My readings offer spiritual guidance only, not any kind of medical advice.

I will answer any questions to the best of my abilities and offer you the best professional guidance.

What is your Privacy Policy?

I answer all readings personally and all data is confidential. I will never pass on your personal information to anyone else.